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Here's something I don't understand about why people just can't appreciate? Sad isn't it? I mean, you try to be there for almost everyone. And you try your best to just make them feel better. And all you ever wanted was to at least be appreciated for all the efforts and time you put in for them. But the sad part is, they just appreciated you for a while. When they find someone better than you, a better friend, they just leave. Just like that. Slowly pushing you away. It's like you never existed. As you have no feelings. At all. How could people do that? And when your in pain, in trouble, in need of someone to hold you, just so you could cry, nobody seems to be there. It's like they could sense your pain from the beginning and made emergency plans to avoid you so they don't have to listen to your problems. And when you actually got to tell the your problems, they actually get sick of it and start to think that you're actually annoying and leave you alone. broken. You're now on your own. And you're now realize that when you were busy trying to be there and help others to solve their life problems, you forget to help yourself solve your own.

xoxo :*